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The Bottom Ten Week 5: NCAA NFL   |  The Daily Dose/October 12, 2014
I write so you will remember it the rest of your lives.
There is no other reason to do it, folks.
None whatsoever.
The Daily Dose
Notes from around the Human Experience, including On This Date, the Thought for the Day and Trivia!

Editor's Note: The column is being written intermittently as Gaylon runs for the United States Senate.

Exceprt From The Latest Column

Friends, since it concerns Gaylon's United States Senate campaign, the October 12 Daily Dose is on the house. Enjoy it here.

October 12, 2014

We Cannot Have A Peaceful World Without A Peaceful America: Our time meddling in the Middle East is but a brief parenthesis in a region that has been shedding blood since time immemorial. US interference, no matter where, is resented and to think that air and drone strikes in sovereign nations we have not declared war on will bring about peace is folly.

Thought For The Day: Everyone has it within his power to say, this I am today, that I shall be tomorrow. - Louis L'Amour, The Walking Drum

Copyright, 2013, Gaylon Kent, All rights reserved.

I write so you will remember this the rest of your lives. There is no other reason to do it, folks. None, whatsoever.
Gaylon For United States Senate
Friends, Gaylon is the Colorado Libertarian Party's nominee for the United States Senate!

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"Fun stuff, Gaylon...The Diary of a Nobody is a fun, voyeuristic view into the daily tedium that we all slog through. Sparrow reminds us that food, (dog) poop, work and weather are all funny and frequent themes that bring us together, even if we don’t always talk about them. Gaylon’s day-by-day publishing schedule keeps you coming back for more, rooting for Sparrow..."
Kate Silver, writer. @k8silver

"...shall have no further contact with petitioner..."

Pesky restraining order.

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The Bottom Ten
The race for the ESPNCup and Dan Henning Trophy is on!

Fresh Bottom Ten's move on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Week 8 Bottom Ten


Army - Army hindered by pregame Secretary of the Army directive to focus on gentlemanly behavior this week and be gracious hosts by not covering Rice receivers with more than one defender.

Week 8 moves Wednesday!
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The Diary of a Nobody
The never-ending novel! The latest from Sparrow, an average man passing an average life.        

Exceprts From Recent Entries:

Monday October 13
Bonser and his rugrat Matt over today…Matt updated the Facebook and Twitter ads we have running and had me post some stuff on Twitter…He says this is the best way for us to reach the most people.

The kid might right…The ads have reached about 40,000 people so far and the click-through rate is good, too, well above the norm for ads of this sort…We still realize we are not the odds on favorite, but we are doing what we can with what we have, which isn't too much, but any spoke might lead to the hub.

Sunday October 12
...regular readers of this crap know I have almost zero cooking skills and The Wife has been known to take my offers to make Sunday breakfast more as a threat than anything and she hadn't even finished her second cup of coffee before she was making breakfast and not even allowing me to as much as look in her kitchen

Saturday October 11
I had not roasted a hot dog over an open fire since summer camp as a boy and I had never - and never means not once - roasted a croissant over an open fire…I am not making that up!!!...The guy sitting next to me, whose name I forget, was toasting them left and right and invited me to try…He had a long stick with some foil wrapped around the end, wrapped some dough around the foil and handed me the stick, along with directions not to get it too close to the fire.

Friday, October 10
Ran into a cattle drive on the route, too…Fairly early on, and there were enough so we were held for about ten minutes…It was mostly uneventful, but every now and then you'd run into a cow who would try to go the other way or who didn't want to move at all.
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