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The Daily Dose
Notes from around the Human Experience, including On This Date, the Thought for the Day and Trivia!

Editor's Note: The column is being written intermittently as Gaylon runs for the United States Senate.

Exceprt From The Latest Column
November 27, 2014

Americans went to the polls this month to elect a bit more than one-third of the United States Senate and the entire House of Representatives.

Faced with a Congress they approved of at about a ten percent rate, and the opportunity to do something about it, their message was clear:

We are not happy with our government. We are unwilling to do anything about.

Thought For The Day: People can't be released from a prison they don't know they're in - Anonymous
today or the bunny gets it. Thank you in advance.
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Gaylon ran for the US Senate in 2014. Visit his campaign website here. 
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"...shall have no further contact with petitioner..."

Pesky restraining order.

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The Bottom Ten 
Week 5:NCAA NFL 
               The Bottom Ten
                   The race for the ESPNCup and         Dan Henning Trophy is on, as the very worst college and professional football teams battle for coveted Bottom Ten medal stand berths!

Fresh Bottom Ten's move on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Excerpts From The Latest Bottom Tens
NCAA/Week 14

Eastern Michigan - Team so bad Eastern Michigan seniors - who have won six (6) games the past three (3) seasons - decide to celebrate Senior Day on road with Ball State seniors playing final home game.

NFL/Week 14
Oakland Raiders -
Raiders rally late, but even three (3) penalties on one (1) play unable to stem tide of victory…
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Exceprts From Recent Entries:

Wednesday November 26
I am pleased to report the cat has mellowed out…A bit…She is no longer hissing constantly at Her Majesty and she actually is letting me pet her on occasion and even slept with me last night curled up, as usual, in the crook of my leg, where my knee bends…I felt terrible displacing her for my standard 4am constitutional, but she's used to it and was back in place a few minutes after I returned.

Tuesday November 25
The car keys are gone…We have no idea what happened to them…Her Majesty and I came home from the store, I parked the car on the street, we plowed the driveway, moved the car in, removed the groceries and they haven't been seen since.

Monday November 24
Also, the Family BakeOff was held…Her Majesty wins this every time we are able to hold it - despite the fact The Wife is a bit better baker - because I am the judge and Her Majesty can do no wrong.

Sensing, correctly, the competition is rigged, The Wife mailed it in this year, proffering some frozen, ready-to-bake pastry…I told Her Majesty she probably could produce melted crayons topped with Liquid Paper and still win, tho she had brownies waiting for me when I returned from work and was immediately declared BakeOff champion.

Sunday November 23
As usual, we regard state law regarding the minimum age for playing bingo as not so much a law etched in stone, but more of, say, a guideline, and, as usual, there were kids winning turkeys left and right…I asked one what he was going to do with his and he said he was going to bury it in his yard.

Saturday November 22
Went to the big city today to pick up The Wife's daughter, Her Majesty, who is visiting for the week…Recall she is a sailor on an aircraft carrier in San Diego and is about halfway thru her enlistment...

...Boy, the cat is not pleased
The Daily Dose
October 12, 2014
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