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The difference between existing and living.
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September 7, 2015
Some thoughts on Kim Davis

Gaylon was the 2014 Colorado Libertarian Party nominee for the United States Senate, and is a candidate for their 2016 nomination. Go, get on board The Freedom Train now!
To survive? What is that? A mouse lives, a fly lives; one lives in terror, another lives in filth. They exist, they are, but do they live?
- Louis L'Amour, The Walking Drum
The Dairy of a Nobody
Monday September 28
You know, while there is no way to quantify the benefits of a scandal, I think the scandal got me more than a few votes…Recall I did some TV interviews and whatnot, and for a couple of days I got some pretty good publicity, giving credence to told adage that the only bad publicity involves a dead woman or a live boy.
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The race for the ESPCNCup and Dan Henning Trophy is on!
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Monday September 2,1 2015
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Thought for the Day:

We exist. We are. But do we live?

Sometimes not. Too often we equate living with through exploits lived by others, preferring to let others live for us rather than going out and doing things ourselves.

Doing this we miss out one of life's great prizes: working hard and enjoying the fruits of our labors. It really doesn't matter much what it is either. It merely has to be something that requires a goal and some effort to achieve. It does not have to be anything that lives down the ages. Merely being something that is important to you will do the job.

My own personal example is sports officiating. I was never more than a high school official. I was a good one, though, working more than my share of big games, including 17 regional or state championship games. This is hardly the world record, but it is nothing to sneeze at, either. I seldom officiate anymore, and I am content with my accomplishments.

Is this significant? No, not really. There a billion Chinese who couldn't care less about my accomplished high school officiating career. But it was important to me. I worked hard at it and I saw rewards for that hard work: one of life's great prizes achieved, even if it was of little note on the big stage.

They exist, they are, but to they live?

We must live. We must work and try to accomplish things, regardless of the notoriety it brings u. The more we live the less we die each day, and the more use we are to ourselves and our fellow beings.

Quotes are from Gaylon's private stock, stolen from original source materials.
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Gaylon was the Colorado Libertarian Party's nominee for the United States Senate in 2014 and is a candidate for their 2016 nomination.

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August 17, 2015:
Capsule County Fair Review!

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The Diary of a Nobody: 
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