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Meet Lenny and Larry, two comedians going nowhere on their own who team up to become the biggest act in show business!.

A funny look at the value of patience, hard work and crap like that.

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I write so you will remember it the rest of your lives.
There is no other reason to do it, folks. None whatsoever.
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I write so you will remember this the rest of your lives. There is no other reason to do it, folks. None, whatsoever.
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo:
A Vegas Memoir!
Gaylon For United States Senate
Friends, Gaylon is the Colorado Libertarian Party's nominee for the United States Senate. No primary, either, he will on the November ballot.

So get on board The Freedom Train! Visit Gaylon's campaign website
Funny, thoughtful commentary on the Human Experience, including On This Date, the Thought for the Day and the popular Trivia feature!

Except when he's on hiatus.

What They're Saying  About Gaylon Kent

"A funny and creative writer."
Robert Kovacik, Anchor, KNBC-TV, Los Angeles

"Fun stuff, Gaylon...The Diary of a Nobody is a fun, voyeuristic view into the daily tedium that we all slog through. Sparrow reminds us that food, (dog) poop, work and weather are all funny and frequent themes that bring us together, even if we donít always talk about them. Gaylonís day-by-day publishing schedule keeps you coming back for more, rooting for Sparrow..."
Kate Silver, writer. @k8silver

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Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life.

A funny look at everyday life,
The Diary of a Nobody is a real-time novel, updated monthly!Read A Sample Month!
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Join Gaylon and The Bottom Ten pollsters throughout the season, as the worst college and pro teams battle for The Bottom Ten medal stand, plus trophies like the Tostitos Plaque, The Sgt Bilko Trophy and The Dan Henning Trophy!

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Go behind the scenes with the misfits of the Security Department of the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino on the world famous Las Vegas Strip!

To get any closer to the action you'd have to clock in yourself!
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Gaylon For United States Senate
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The Diary of a Nobody
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